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Opinion: Let parents choose in-person learning if they want

Scott and Katrina Hardy, Opinion contributors – Cincinnati Enquirer |

“As the vaccine becomes available to our teachers, we urge the district to thoughtfully promote its use. We urge you to stand behind science. We urge you to stand up to the union representation if they threaten action. Teachers are frontline workers, and we feel that frontline workers should have a strong sense of obligation to receive the vaccine. Furthermore, the vaccine provides the safety that that teachers deserve. We stand by this idea because we believe that educating our children is a top priority. Clearly, you also believe it, as you have asked for our vote of confidence in your ability to serve the district.”

“This vaccine is the gateway to normalcy for all of us. The wait is over. It is time for action.”

“Nine months later, parents are aware of you. We know your names. We follow you on social media. We send you emails. We watch your meetings. You no longer have anonymity to hide behind. None of you asked for this pandemic, but you did ask for our vote. The time has come to offer CHOICES to children and parents. If the district fails to respond appropriately, we assure you that voters will exercise more thoughtful choices this November.”

Scott and Katrina Hardy live in Mount Lookout and are parents of CPS students ages 13, 8 and 6.

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