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13,000 School Districts, 13,000 Approaches to Teaching During Covid

Kate Taylor, The New York Times |

Through all of this, there has been no official accounting of how many American students are attending school in person or virtually. We don’t know precisely how many remote students are not receiving any live instruction, or how many students have not logged into their classes all year. Nor has the federal government tracked how many coronavirus cases have been identified in schools or which mitigation methods districts are using.

While it is clear that many students learning remotely are falling behind, few districts have comprehensively assessed where their students are, and what skills they have and have not learned since schools across the country closed last March. As a result, we don’t know what approaches to remote instruction have worked or failed.

What does it mean to go to public school in the United States during the pandemic? To assess how public schools have navigated the pandemic and the impact on students, The Times examined seven representative districts. 

The answers were strikingly different.

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