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Tech Coordinator receives COVID Hero Award

Kimberly Jenkins, Portsmouth Daily Times |

When the pandemic struck schools last March, no one could have foreseen how much it would change how schools would be able to continue to educate students.

One of the main groups that had significant changes and much work to do were the technology leaders within the school districts. One of those is Ryan Stockham, Minford School District Technology Coordinator who has received the “Hero Award” from the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools(CORAS).

The award was presented during a virtual CORAS meeting with remarks from Paulo de Maria, Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Renee Middleton, Dean of Ohio University’s Patton College of Education, and Dr. Richard Murray, Executive Director of CORAS.

Jeremy Litteral, Superintendent of Minford shared a post on social media platforms congratulating Stockham. “This award, meant for a district staff member who has made significant contributions to the school district during the COVID pandemic, highlights the hard work Mr. Stockham does for our students and staff each day, both in his role and outside of school hours.

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