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Opinion: COVID-19 vaccine is a shot of hope for our schools

Laura Mitchell, Opinion contributor, Cincinnati Enquirer |

Below is an excerpt…

CPS is taking the lead to educate our staff and our families about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. Earlier this week, CPS hosted an online information session for our staff to learn more about the vaccine, with Dr. O’dell Owens, chief executive officer of Interact for Health, leading the discussion and answering questions.

I urge church and business leaders, community organizers and local elected officials to do the same and organize information sessions about the vaccine with your congregation, employees or constituents. 

Together, we must build a pro-vaccine social norm throughout our city, and especially in communities of color. We must have these conversations, through formal settings and at our kitchen tables. And we must use facts.

The pandemic may not be over, but the arrival of the vaccine is a shot of hope for our schools, our students, our neighborhoods and our community.

Laura Mitchell is superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools.
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