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Miami University, Hamilton County confront school psychologist shortage with win-win solution

Miami University |

During an average week, Christopher Perry, a Miami University graduate student in the educational psychology department, works directly alongside professional school psychologists to help boost the academic, social, and emotional success of students in each school.

He’s been placed by the Hamilton County Educational Service Center (HCESC) to support a severely understaffed area of education, to provide a critical service desperately needed in most school districts everywhere, and all while getting the experience he’ll need to soon do the job himself.

“I’m being trained to go right into the field,” Perry says. “I assist the school psychologist and try to lighten their workload. This past year, I’ve been part of team meetings, and writing up student achievement and behavior reports, and implementing reading interventions. And the reports I produce are actually used to make important educational decisions.”

Perry is part of an expanding partnership between Miami University and the HCESC. The partnership is designed to confront the ongoing national shortage of school psychologists.

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