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Wyoming: How One School District Bridged the Divide and Reopened Classrooms

Kris Maher, The Wall Street Journal |

Every Tuesday morning, school superintendent Tim Weber meets with a handpicked team of advisers to discuss whether it’s safe to keep classrooms open. 

The team includes two pediatricians, a county health official and a nurse. The decision about whether the 2,000-student district will hold classes in person, in hybrid mode or remotely the following week rests with Mr. Weber. After the meeting, he emails his verdict to parents and teachers.

Those decisions haven’t come easily. The schools’ plans have at times divided the town, leading frustrated parents to put signs up in their yards and form their own social-media groups. Yet for the past two months, Mr. Weber has managed to do what many other communities are still struggling to accomplish: reopen classrooms five days a week and keep peace in the district.

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