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After Years Of Growth, CPS’ Enrollment Drops 3.9% Since Oct. 2019

Cory Sharber, WVXU |

At least 38 schools within the district have seen more than 40 students withdraw. Multiple schools have lost more than 100 students, including Gamble Elementary, John. P. Parker, Kilgour, Oyler, Rees E Price, Walnut Hills and Western Hills.

Most students who withdrew either went to another public or charter school, left Ohio, went to private school, or left their CPS preschool.

Enrollment of pre-K students saw the largest decrease in net enrollment from Oct. 2019 to March 2021 with a drop of roughly 900 students. First through eighth grade also saw a drop of roughly 800 students within the same timeframe.

In February, board members raised concerns about enrollment affecting the budget for the next school year. If projections of lower enrollment are factored into the budgeting process, it could mean that significant layoffs could occur within the school district. If students don’t return to the district, funds across CPS – including the Student Wellness Fund, dedicated to “the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of (a) child’s well-being” – could drop.

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