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Ohio K-12 schools to get $4.4 billion from feds for pandemic-related issues

Jeremy Kelley, Springfield News-Sun |

Ohio will receive $4.47 billion in funding for preK-12 schools as part of the American Rescue Plan that passed Congress this month, the U.S. Department of Education announced Wednesday. That’s a one-time payment roughly equivalent to a half-year’s worth of normal state funding for Ohio K-12 schools. No breakdown is available yet of how much each individual school will receive.

But Ohio Department of Education officials said Wednesday that allocations will be based on Title 1 funding formulas — like other federal relief funds in the past year — so school districts serving higher percentages of low-income students will get comparatively larger allocations.

Ohio’s state Superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, said in addition to school reopening efforts, the Ohio Department of Education expects the money “will play a significant role” in schools’ efforts to make up for lost learning opportunities and help students be ready for the new school year. “Schools and districts will have several years to use these funds, so they can also contribute to fundamental changes to education that can create even greater improvement and outcomes for students and our state,” DeMaria said.

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