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Springboro parents group raises concerns about racism

Ed Richter, Dayton Daily News |

Nearly 50 people, students, parents, school board members and district administrators attended a meeting of Parents Empowering All Children of Color (PEACOC) meeting at the Springboro United Church of Christ for a conversation on responding to racism in the school district.

Angela Brown, PEACOC secretary, said parents with children of color began meeting last June and formed the group, organized for mutual support and to put an end to the racial threats, slurs, and intimidation faced by children of color in the Springboro district. “What we found, over the past nine months of meeting is that what we thought were isolated incidents involving our children, were in fact not isolated incidents, but rather a disturbing pattern of violent, racist acts that were being inflicted upon our children in what should be a safe space to learn and grow,” she said.

The Rev. Tracy Paschke-Johannes, one of the meeting facilitators, said the group was seeking the following actions from the school board by April 15:

  • Making a policy banning the Confederate (battle) flag and other symbols of racism public, through written communication to teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders.
  • Making public, through written communication to teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders, the steps taken and consequences applied when racist incidents occur, according to school district policy.
  • Deliver to teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders a written statement from the school board and superintendent that the racism and hate that is prevalent to our school community is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Requested an update by April 15 about training professional staff-level liaison, first in the junior high and high school, then all buildings, to advocate and mediate for children of color when an incident of racism occurs in the schools.
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