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Opinion: Declare an emergency on epidemic of childhood trauma

Ronald Hummons, Opinion contributor – Cincinnati Enquirer |

Most children with the highest instances of childhood trauma are Black and brown. Do our lawmakers fail to see the benefit of providing a solution to a demographic that they cannot relate with? Do our lawmakers not want to help those of lower socioeconomic status? Children that have untreated childhood trauma are more likely to end up in prison. Are we funding prisons, the big business in Ohio, rather than allocating the funds to resources that can provide a solution to reduce the likelihood of childhood trauma? Is this a systematic issue that reaps rewards for our trauma?

I am a survivor of childhood trauma. As I think back to my own childhood, I see that the system was broken even when I was a child. Having experienced firsthand what childhood trauma can do to a person, I have the solution. 

Declaring a state of emergency on childhood trauma is in the best interest for all in the state of Ohio.

Ronald Hummons is an author and mental health activist who lives in Reading. His son, TrePierre Hummons, was shot and killed by police in 2015 after TrePierre killed Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim. Hummons runs a campaign to raise awareness and funds for undiagnosed mental illness in his son’s name.

Read Ronald Hummons’ full opinion piece at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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