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Our view: Civics education is key to saving America from itself

Editorial Board – The Columbus Dispatch |

With fears of more political violence akin to the Capitol insurrection, growing cynicism in the country and a general mistrust of government, America is very much in need of a new civics lesson and new ways to teach it.

Enter Educating for American Democracy, an initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Education Department, which offers a framework that states and local school districts can use to improve U.S. history and civics education to support notions of good citizenship and civic responsibility. Developed by a group of 300 people that included academics, historians, political scientists, K-12 educators, school administrators, researchers, students and others, the recently released road map promotes civic honesty and patriotism as guiding principles.

In the name of our collective future, we urge lawmakers, local school districts and teachers to examine the Educating for American Democracy road map and commit to bolstering civics and history education. 

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