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Rocky River police reopen investigation into alleged inappropriate conduct by high school teachers

Dave DeNatale, WKYC |

Just days after declining to file charges in the case of alleged inappropriate conduct by high school teachers, the Rocky River Police Department has announced that it is reopening its criminal investigation.

In a statement released on Monday evening, the department says that over the weekend, investigators were made aware that previously undisclosed information may exist that indicates evidence of criminal activity. 

Officials had been looking into a filmed video conversation between two teachers, who were discussing an alleged sexually explicit photo of a female student taken by one of their staff colleagues. One of the two in the video accused the suspect of sending him the picture via text, although he claimed he didn’t receive or see it because he had the number blocked on his phone.

In total, the Rocky River school district placed six staff members on leave after the allegations came to light. The administrative investigation is ongoing.

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