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Controversial Higher Ed Reform Bill Draws Criticism

Tonisha Johnson, Spectrum News 1 |

Right now, higher education proponents want clarity on Senate Bill 135. So far, Bruce Johnson, the president of the Inter-University Council of Ohio, and Todd Jones, the president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, said the bill appears to add up to micro-management and big government. 

  • There’s concern over colleges potentially being ranked for high rates of crime on campus.
  • Some say the proposed bill would drive up the cost of education for things like nursing when there are duplicate programs.
  • The bill would allow students to opt out of paying non-academic fees, but some say it would cause athletics in all schools to collapse, except Ohio State.
  • Some say there are no refunds to give to students who didn’t complete their four-year degree.

Leaders are seeking out private and public university feedback as they prepare for hearings on the bill.

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