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Child Care in Crisis: Can Biden’s Plan Save It?

Alisha Haridasani Gupta, The New York Times |

Child-care centers improvised during the pandemic, scrambling to stay open with razor-thin budgets and little government guidance. How long will the short-term solutions last?

  • In suburban Ohio, a decades-old child-care center that was thriving before the pandemic shut its doors for the final time in August.
  • In Michigan, a child-care facility has been running at less than half its pre-pandemic capacity, bringing in less income, even as the costs of Covid-19 safety protocols continue to add up.
  • In Virginia, a child-care center for the children of essential workers found itself taking in the community’s school-age children, but without the kind of guidance from the government that schools get.
  • In California, the owner of an in-home child-care center lost 70 percent of her clients and has burned through her savings to stay open, leaving her about two months away from having to close permanently.

These stories, from four different parts of the United States, aren’t isolated pockets of struggle. They are emblematic of a larger problem with child care. Read their stories of loss, hustle, double duty, and anxiety at The New York Times.

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