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Edgewood City School District announces redistricting plan effective Aug. 1

Karin Johnson, WLWT |

Edgewood City Schools announced a redistricting plan that would impact all families with children in preschool through fifth grade. Some parents said they were blindsided by the news and upset the plans didn’t have to be voted on by the school board.

  • Seven Mile Elementary will become Edgewood Early Childhood Center. All preschool and kindergarten students in the district will go there.
  • First and second graders will attend Edgewood Primary School which is currently Babeck Early Childhood Center.
  • Third, fourth and fifth graders will be put under one roof at Edgewood Intermediate School which is currently Edgewood Elementary School.
  • Edgewood High School and Edgewood Middle School will remain the same.

District leaders said a strategic committee made up of community members was involved in discussions for the last five years. “We understand the growing pains, but we feel at the same time, the advantages that we could bring educationally far out way some of the other types of challenges that we have,” said Frank Russo, director of public relations for Edgewood City Schools. “We needed to provide a plan that would give our students the best educational experience possible.” 

Russo said the plan will save Edgewood money through attrition and by having educators who teach the same grade under one roof.

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