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Students In Ohio’s K-12 Schools Must Wear Masks


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday added another statewide health order requiring all children in grades K-12 to wear masks while in school, with certain exceptions.

“We are limited in the ways that we can protect people of the state of Ohio, protect our kids, protect the adults,” he said. “The other way is not to go back to school at all, and some schools are making that choice.”

No statewide decision has been made on high school contact sports, with DeWine saying officials want to get closer to the date of competitions before making a ruling.

Remembering John Lewis – note to self

Georgia Congressman John Lewis was born and raised on a cotton farm outside Troy, Alabama. He later became one of the most prominent leaders of the civil rights movement. In CBS’s ongoing series, Note to Self, Lewis recalls getting into what he famously calls “good trouble.”

The Georgia lawmaker died Friday night. He had been suffering from Stage IV pancreatic cancer since December. He was 80.

DeWine Suggests Schools Could Stay Shut

Statehouse News Bureau |

DeWine talked about COVID-19 in a wide-ranging hour-long interview on “The Sound of Ideas” on WCPN/ideastream Friday morning.

Case numbers are above where they were when schools were closed in March, and many school districts haven’t even unveiled their final plans to open next month. With that, and a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people still in place, DeWine was asked why the state doesn’t just order schools to stay closed.

“We may end up there. What we’ve told the schools all summer to do is to prepare for different alternatives,” DeWine said. “We’ve known that even if school opens back up, there may be another surge that comes on in a month or two or three and that school’s going to have to go remote.”

School districts plan for staffing issues as some teachers plan to stay home due to COVID-19


Many districts are actively recruiting more substitutes, as most are retired teachers who fall in the most at-risk age group for COVID-19.

“I have 14 staff that have indicated they have concerns out of a teaching staff of about 260,” said Little Miami Local Schools Superintendent Greg Power. Power plans to us those teachers with health concerns for remote learning.

The issue of fewer substitutes could have a big impact on the school year. “There could be some days where we can’t open the building because we don’t have enough subs,” he said.


Analysis of State and Territory School Reopening Plans

Johns Hopkins University |

They examined each plan to understand whether it addressed any of twelve criteria: Core Academics, SARS CoV2 Protection, Before & After School Programs, School Access & Transportation, Student Health Services, Food & Nutrition, Parent Choice, Teacher & Staff Choice, Children with special needs / ESL / Gifted and Twice Exceptional, Children of poverty and systemic disadvantage, Privacy, and, Engagement and Transparency.

Plans were given credit for the category if they addressed the topic in some way, even if it wasn’t comprehensive.

Building a better world through education: 6 big ideas

Brookings |

The Yidan Prize Foundation searches for groundbreaking education research and practice every year. Nominations for the prize are sourced openly and globally, and judged by an eminent panel of educators. 

Here are six big ideas from all of the prize winners to date that help us reimagine what education systems can and should do to help young people realize their potential.