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Posts tagged as “arts”

Newspaper Owner Who Posted Support For Capitol Insurrection Quits Ohio Arts Council Board

Statehouse News Bureau |

Susan Allan Block, the owner of the Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has resigned as a member of the board of the state agency that oversees funding for the arts in Ohio.

Her resignation comes after making an inflammatory Facebook post in which she showed support for the insurrection at the US Capitol Wednesday and used a slur to describe Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Pandemic Sparks Fears That Without Sports and Other Activities, Students Will Disengage from School

The 74 Million |

The widespread loss of school sports this fall, along with activities like drama, band and debate, is ringing alarm bells for educators nationwide, who worry that these activities serve a vital, unspoken purpose: They keep kids engaged in school. The necessity of postponing, minimizing, or canceling them due to Covid-19 puts millions of kids at greater risk of dropping out or falling behind.

Fairfield high school students to rediscover old-time radio play

Journal-News |

Mandated health precautions made performing live theater difficult, said Fairfield school officials.

“We had to get creative,” said Drama Department Director Mike Massie.

“A radio play allows us to teach theatre, give kids an opportunity to perform something, while also preparing for the possibility that we won’t be able to have an audience.

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