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State report cards bill will be improved; testing bill passed through committee

Susan Tebben, Ohio Capital Journal |

Update 03/17/21

The Ohio Senate passed a bill to modify standardized testing, allowing different pathways for current juniors and seniors to graduate amid a pandemic school year. The House concurred on the changes the same day.

State report cards bill will be improved; testing bill passed through committee

The bill also reinstated an emergency clause to the bill that the House removed in their initial vote on the measure.

‘Let’s test.’ Tennessee pushes ahead with in-person testing, remote learners included, during pandemic

Marta W. Aldrich, Chalkbeat |

While at least six states are seeking to cancel student testing this spring as the pandemic grinds on, Tennessee isn’t wavering in its plan to give tests in person to most of its nearly 1 million students.

“Let’s test and see where we are,” said House Education Committee Chairman Mark White, calling the results crucial to understanding how much students know after a year of learning disruptions.

Despite COVID-19, standardized testing may force English learners back to school campuses

Alia Wong, USA TODAY |

A coalition of groups including the National Association for Bilingual Education and Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law recently wrote a letter to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, saying the tests for English learners should be postponed or made optional.

“While measuring EL students’ proficiency of English remains important, EL students and their families should not be forced into schools and expose themselves to unnecessary risks during these unprecedented times,” the letter states.   

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