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Columbus: Less than 20% of seniors ‘on track’ to graduate at 4 different CCS high schools

Lisa Rantala, WSYX |

On a request made last month, CCS released graduation data this week. It indicates 10% of seniors at Columbus Downtown High School now meet the requirements to graduate. 12% are currently on track at Marion-Franklin High School, 13% at South High School, and 15% at East High School.

Last month, CCS administrators said the district attendance rate last semester was 72%, chronic absenteeism was 66% and more than twice as many students were failing their high school courses compared to fall semester 2019.

Changes to Lakota’s COVID-19 Dashboard

Beginning Jan. 13, a daily update will be posted each morning showing the student attendance rate and number of student and staff positive cases for the day prior. On Mondays, a summary of the prior week will be posted. 

“The dashboard is meant to be a snapshot in time,” said Assistant Superintendent Robb Vogelmann and head of the district’s COVID Response Team. “Right now, the dashboard shows the number of new quarantines per week, but it does not show how many students are returning each day or how many quarantines are carried over each week,” he continued.

“By sharing the daily attendance rate, our community will have a better understanding of the impact COVID-19 and other illnesses are having on our schools – on both the student and the teacher side.”

State reports Michigan K-12 student enrollment dropped by 53K amid COVID-19

Virginia Gordan, Michigan Radio |

State Superintendent Michael Rice announced the 3.7% decline Wednesday. 

In a written statement, Rice estimated that about three quarters of the decline is due, in roughly equal shares, to fewer kindergartners, more homeschool kids, and an estimated public school population decrease based on an average annual decrease of 13,000 students over the last ten years.

“The remainder, approximately 13,000 students, is a significant concern,” said Rice.

More students failing, fewer students attending CCS during remote learning

Lisa Rantala, WSYX/WTTE |

Nine months into full remote learning, Columbus City Schools is releasing alarming numbers when it comes to attendance, grades, and failing students. At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, CCS Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon cited an article calling this the “lost generation.”

“Not only are we dealing with unprecedented learning loss and course failure, we understand that it would take years to mitigate,” said Dr. Dixon.

Phantom Students, Very Real Red Ink: Why Efforts to Keep Student Disenrollment from Busting School Budgets Can Backfire

Beth Hawkins, The 74 Million |

It’s K-12 education’s financial third rail: Money is supposed to follow students. So how do schools keep the lights on when the kids hardest hit by the pandemic go missing?

Nearly halfway through the school year, the scope of the problem is becoming clear — and the solution is hard to fathom. In Michigan, 53,200 students have not shown up. New York City public schools have lost some 31,000. Miami-Dade is down 16,000. Anchorage started the year with 4,000 fewer students than projected.

Estimates are that nationwide, 3 million children are not enrolled in school — anywhere. The human toll may go uncalculated for years, but the principals and others responsible for their schools know that each missing student means less money to work with for all kids.

Greenfield’s McClain HS partners with Harvard

Angela Shepherd, The Times-Gazette |

McClain High School will collaborate with Harvard University to research and improve student attendance and college and career readiness, McClain Principal Matt Shelton reported at the Greenfield Exempted Village School District (GEVSD) Board of Education’s last regular meeting of the year.

CPS In-Person Attendance Drops Below 70%, COVID Still Impacting Students & Staff


In-person attendance across Cincinnati Public Schools continues to drop as the semester continues. COVID-19 cases are also rising amongst students and staff.

Thirty-two students across CPS have tested positive for COVID-19 since returning to in-person learning last month. Since the district began tracking cases in May, 39 in total have tested positive, according to the most recent data available on Nov. 5. At least 600 students have had to isolate across CPS schools due to being in contact with someone who was infected.

Forty-seven staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 since returning to in-person learning; 124 in total have tested positive since CPS began tracking in May. Cincinnati Federation of Teachers president Julie Sellers said CPS was having three positive cases per week, but now they’re identifying that many cases per day.

CPS Sees Attendance Rates Falling For Students And Teachers


Cincinnati Public School students have been attending classes in-person for nearly three weeks now, but attendance is way lower than in previous years.

The drop in attendance last week could be due to fears families have over their kids contracting COVID-19. One student group just had slightly more than 70% of kids attending in-person classes.

Students aren’t the only ones with attendance issues. Human Resources Director Paul McDole said CPS is starting to see a trend of employee absences.

“We had over 500 staff members district-wide in all of our schools that we’re out last Thursday,” McDole said. “If you think about percentages, if I say that 8 percent of our teaching staff is out, that’s over 240 positions district-wide that we are then trying to fill.”

Clermont Northeastern Partners with Harvard to Increase School Attendance

Clermont Northeastern and NCRERN |

CNE is one of 47 “rural” districts, mainly from Ohio and New York, to participate in the National Center for Rural Education Research Networks (NCRERN), an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. 

NCRERN intervention at CNE will include students who missed more than seven-and-a-half days of school before remote learning began. The goal is to determine which strategies work to improve student attendance, which is more than calling rolls in the morning. 

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