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Posts tagged as “coronavirus”

Covid Advisor Warns ‘Game-Changing’ Variant Infects Kids ‘Very Readily’ And Could Spur New Lockdowns

Jonathan Ponciano, Forbes |

Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of the White House coronavirus advisory board, said on Sunday that the U.S. will face “major challenges” in battling the pandemic before summertime, warning the U.K. coronavirus strain infects children more easily than previous strains—something experts are still debating.

One Texas Town, Two School Districts, Clashing Mask Policies: How Science and Politics Collided in New Braunfels’ Classrooms

Bekah McNeel, The 74 |

For locals and tourists, it’s hard to overstate the charm of New Braunfels, Texas, a place of spring-fed rivers, dancehalls, and German festivals. Yet against this idyllic backdrop, the nation’s ongoing fight over mask-wearing has pitted neighbor against neighbor and put the region’s schoolkids squarely in the middle of an overheated argument.

Indiana’s COVID-19 Restrictions To End April 6

Brandon Smith, IPB News |

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Tuesday that he will end the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, beginning April 6.

Instead, Holcomb said, Indiana will have a mask “advisory,” though masks will still be required in state government buildings, COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites, and K-12 schools.

The state will no longer require restaurants, bars and nightclubs to keep customers spaced six feet apart or seated, though Holcomb said businesses should keep COVID response plans that include safeguards.

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