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Indian Hill High School students get it ‘Just Write’ at state competition


Indian Hill High School students, Joy On and Elsa Zhang, placed in the top 15 writers of the Just Write State Competition. Each will have stories featured in the Just Write anthology showcasing the best of the best from the competition. 

Student writers participated in three rounds, each 45 minutes long. For each round, writers were given a prompt and required to write in one of seven genres: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Classic Horror/Gothic, Fantasy, and Narrative Nonfiction.

Ohio graduates won’t have to be “proficient” in math or English, under state superintendent’s plan

via The Plain Dealer |

DeMaria told the state school board this month he plans to require scores of 684 on both exams, scores that are above the state’s “Basic” level of minimal skills, but short of its higher “Proficient” bar.

Mariemont: Junior High Students Excel in Latin Contest

via Mariemont City Schools |

Mariemont Junior High School eighth grade students competed in the National Classical Etymology Exam (NCEE) with 21 earning either a bronze, silver or gold medal.

The NCEE is sponsored by the Junior Classical League and is designed to test a student’s ability to handle both Latin and Greek derivatives and their usage in the English language.

Greenfield: MHS Journalism Profile – Angela Shepherd has a love for writing

via Highland County Press and Greenfield Exempted Village School District |

Loveland Intermediate students raise funds for the school’s sixth water well in Africa

via Loveland Schools.

All sixth-graders at Loveland Intermediate School have just concluded an extensive project in English Language Arts class, focused on water scarcity in Africa. Involving raising funds for water wells, the project generated more than $7,000 to drill a new well in South Sudan.

The United Nations reports that water scarcity now affects every continent of the world. The burden on water resources has increased with the rapid growth of the world’s population and urban areas over the last century. Sub-Saharan Africa suffers more than most other regions in the world.

Read the full press release on the Loveland Schools’ website.

To Reverse The Decline In Reading Scores, We Need To Build Knowledge

Natalie Wexler is the author of The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—and How to Fix It

Scores on standardized tests given across the country have declined, and the gap between high- and low-achievers has widened. There’s plenty of hand-wringing, but commentators continue to overlook an obvious explanation: we’re not giving vulnerable students access to the kind of knowledge that could help them succeed.

Natalie Wexler

Read the full opinion piece at Forbes.

How to Use Dictation in Spelling Instruction

via Edutopia.

“Despite the fact that the word dictation has negative connotations, I’ve found that the practice itself has benefits. It promotes the learning not only of spelling in context but also of correct sentence structure and punctuation. And it doesn’t hurt that I hear whoops of excitement as I conduct my weekly dictation exercise with my students.”

Joanna Marsh is a primary school teacher in Victoria, Australia and has taught in a range of educational settings, from foundation (kindergarten) all the way to Year 12. She received a grant to conduct a teacher-led research project focusing on student engagement in literacy.

Read the complete article on Edutopia.

“Legendary Loveland” recognized as an Outstanding New Program by the OSBA

via Loveland City School District

The Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Southwest Region has recognized “Legendary Loveland” – a gamified classroom concept implemented by Loveland Middle School Teacher Charlie Mirus – as an “Outstanding New Program.” The program was officially recognized as one of the top three new outstanding programs in the region with an award at the OSBA annual fall meeting on October 10.