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Posts tagged as “finance-funding”

Madeira Receives Auditor’s Award

Madeira City Schools |

The Ohio Auditor of State Award is presented annually to local governments and school districts after the completion of a successful financial audit. The Madeira City School District’s Treasurer’s Office has again received the award for its financial reporting of the 2019-2020 school year.

The State Auditor’s office presented the award to forty-three entities in the state of Ohio this year, seventeen of which were school districts.

How Tennessee school leaders spend billions in federal relief funds will carry huge stakes, both practically and politically

Marta W. Aldrich, Chalkbeat |

For years, one faction of Tennessee’s education community has argued that more money is the answer to improving schools, while another has championed giving families more choices through programs like charter schools and vouchers.

Now the first faction is about to get its wish, and the second is watching closely to see how it goes.

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