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State education testing shows declines, may be waived in new legislation

Susan Tebben, Ohio Capital Journal |

As state officials look for solutions to an education gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, two pieces of legislation introduced Tuesday hope to give more leniency on state and federal testing.

Ohio state Rep. Lisa Sobecki testifies before the House Primary & Secondary Education Committee on Tuesday, on a bill seeking waivers on state and federal testing.

Minnesota Gov. Walz unveils education plan centered on pandemic and equity

Mohamed Ibrahim, AP News |

The plan, named the Due North Education Plan, attempts to address the pandemic’s toll on school systems statewide by expanding academic programs and mental health services starting in the summer of 2021 that will last throughout the following school year, and by providing a one-time investment to schools to prevent an impact due to enrollment loss during the pandemic.

Walz, a former public school teacher, said during a media briefing on Monday that the proposal aims to also reduce racial inequity in Minnesota schools. Those measures include the creation of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Center within the state education department, recruitment and retention of more diverse teachers, and anti-bias training for school staff.

Meet the Ohio legislature’s ‘school voucher guy’ who could reshape the state’s education system

Anna Staver, The Columbus Dispatch |

Matt Huffman, the newly minted Senate President, spent a substantial chunk of his political career introducing education bills. And his counterpart in the Ohio House, Speaker Bob Cupp, has too. They’re both Republican attorneys from Lima. They have clear opinions on issues like the cost of educating economically disadvantaged students and school choice. 

Mariemont: 2020 Residential Tax Value Update – Tom Golinar

Residential property values in the Mariemont City School District increased by an average of 13 percent with this most recent update, and this was in line with the increase seen throughout all of Hamilton County… So why doesn’t the school district see a 13 percent increase in revenue?

By state law (House Bill 920 enacted in 1976), voted taxes cannot increase despite inflation, and House Bill 920 does this in two ways. First, House Bill 920 prohibits the school district (and the other entities receiving your property tax dollars) from collecting any more voted tax dollars than what has been approved by voters, even when property values increase, so voted millage is actually reduced to accomplish this.

Meet your new lawmakers in Southwest Ohio: A congresswoman, superintendent, veteran and newcomer head to Columbus

Jessie Balmert, Cincinnati Enquirer |

Four new lawmakers from Southwest Ohio are headed to Columbus to tackle the novel coronavirus, a broken school funding formula and a slew of other legislative tasks.

One, former U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, has been there before. Another, Madison Township Trustee Thomas Hall, will be the youngest in the room. All Republicans, each brings his or her past experiences to a job that will be challenging amid a COVID-19 crisis and tight state coffers. 

The Enquirer talked with each about how they will rise to the occasion. 

Middletown superintendent to Ohio legislators: Stop discriminating against students living in poverty

Keith BieryGolick, Cincinnati Enquirer |

Styles said he’s lost sleep worrying about students whose main goal this year has been survival, not online learning. Those are the realities that come in a district with a median household income under $40,000. Realities that come when almost all students receive free and reduced lunch rates. Realities that meant during the pandemic Styles’ staff delivered 40,000 meals a week – and sometimes laundered clothes for students. 

Mississippi Lt. Governor: Teacher pay a priority in 2021

AP News |

The state has had some of the lowest teacher salaries in the nation for generations. According to the most recent figures available from the Southern Regional Education Board, the average teacher salary in the U.S. for 2018-19 was $62,304. For Mississippi, the average was $45,105.

Hosemann is a Republican entering his second year as lieutenant governor. He pushed for a teacher pay raise during the 2020 session, but that effort fell short after the coronavirus pandemic started and caused uncertainty about state spending.

Tennessee Governor Lee calls special session to focus on education, learning loss

Nataliee Allison, Nashville Tennessean |

Lee is asking lawmakers to take up five issues: learning, funding, accountability, literacy and teacher pay on Jan. 19th. More details will be released by the Department of Education. 

“Even before the virus hit, and despite years of improvement, too many of our state’s students were still unable to read on grade level,” Lee said in a statement. “I’m calling on the legislature to join us in addressing these serious issues so we can equip our hardworking educators and districts with the resources and supports they need to set our students on the path to success.”

Ohio K-12 school testing still on for spring, as legislature waits

Jeremy P. Kelley, Journal-News |

After a test-free spring due to COVID-19 closures, Ohio’s K-12 students are on track to take their usual state tests again in spring 2021 after the state legislature declined to approve a bill to alter that process.

Unfinished business: 5 legislative priorities in Ohio pushed to 2021

Tyler Buchanan, Ohio Capital Journal |

The 133rd Ohio General Assembly wrapped up its term with a flurry of lame-duck activity last week, closing out a challenging year of legislating amid a global pandemic. 

Lawmakers hurried to get priority bills passed and sent to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk for a signature before the two-year term ended. There were, however, a number of major legislative projects that did not get passed.

Here are some of the priorities falling to the 134th General Assembly, which starts in January:

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