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Ohio school levy issues on the ballot Nov 2020

(Updated Wednesday, November 4th, 2020)

Tuesday’s 113 school-related issues are fewer than all but one November election dating back to 2003. In 2015 there were 109 school issues across Ohio, according to public election data compiled by the Ohio Education Policy Institute. 

As of Wednesday morning, it appears that approximately 67% of the 113 school issues in Ohio have passed according to tabulations from OSBA and Support Ohio Schools.

High-Stakes Day for Cleveland: District CEO Warns of Drastic Cuts If $23M Tax Hike Fails

The 74 Million |

Voter approval would add $23 million a year to the district’s budget to cover normal cost increases and continued computer and internet access for students.

But because of a risk CEO Eric Gordon and the school board took this summer, when they combined the increase with the needed renewal of an existing tax, a loss could cost the district $67 million a year.

Winton Woods School District seeking more resources for operating costs in levy


Winton Woods leaders say the school district needs money to ramp up its operation to fit the population and new buildings. No building or construction is a part of this levy.

“So the levy is for salaries, it’s for textbooks, it’s for Chromebooks, it’s for the infrastructure, it’s for paying the utilities, those kinds of things that help run the school and run the organization,” said Anthony Smith, superintendent.

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