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Posts tagged as “literacy”

Deer Park: Amity Students Build Virtual Library

A group of students at Amity Elementary known as the Website Wizards have been diligently working on a project to give K-6th grade students access to a virtual library featuring student authors, students reading some of their favorite books, and access to full versions of popular books worldwide.

The project was funded through a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation called Learning Links, which allows students to create interesting projects in the classroom.

Why Students Should Write in All Subjects

Youki Terada, Edutopia |

A recent study sheds light on why writing is such a beneficial activity—not just in subjects typically associated with writing, like history and English, but across all subjects. Professor Steve Graham and his colleagues at Arizona State University’s Teachers College analyzed 56 studies looking at the benefits of writing in science, social studies, and math and found that writing “reliably enhanced learning” across all grade levels. 

Local bus driver uses extra time from shorter route due to COVID-19 to read to kids before school


Due to COVID-19 making her bus route shorter with fewer kids attending in-person classes, Karen Borgemenke is taking the few extra minutes to read to her riders before they start their day.

“With less students, my route is shorter, so rather than impact the parents’ schedules and adjust route times, I thought it would be nice to keep the same route times, get to school a few minutes early, and read to the kids with that extra time,” Borgemenke said.

LGBTQ-inclusive books are hard to find. So these groups started sending them to schools.

USA Today |

When Lisa Forman’s daughter Becca Damante came out as queer in middle school, the loving mother couldn’t shake one recurring thought: What was it like for her child when she started reading mainstream books – ones that lacked LGBTQ-inclusive storylines?

For Forman, lack of LGBTQ-affirmation in schools led her to found Pride and Less Prejudice, a national organization that’s been donating age-appropriate LGBTQ-inclusive books to preschool through third grade classes since last year.

For 26 Years, NJ Teacher Had His 6th-Graders Write Letters to Their Future Selves. This Year He Got to See Them Opened

The 74 Million |

“This isn’t just … a creative writing assignment, you’re actually traveling from the past to the future,” says teacher Richard Palmgren. “You’ve taken like a snapshot of your past and you’re presenting it to your future self.”

For over 25 years, Palmgren has asked his sixth-graders to compose letters to their future 18-year-old selves.

Clermont Northeastern: Literacy Grant Update (audio)


Hear what is happening with the Comprehensive State Literacy Development at the High School with principal TJ Glassmeyer. Amy Ellis and Tonya Schmidt discuss the impact at the elementary level.
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