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Meager results for Ohio vouchers after spending $250 million

Cincinnati Enquirer |

Since 2018, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been shifted away from Ohio’s public schools and into private, mainly religious ones in the form of vouchers, all to enhance academic success.

Yet those same private schools mostly failed to meet the academic caliber set by their neighboring public school districts, according to an Enquirer analysis of nearly 2.5 million test scores from schools in more than 150 Ohio cities during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.

Read the full article at the Cincinnati Enquirer (may only be available to subscribers).

Voucher schools escape test score scrutiny

via |

Ohio doesn’t assure that schools that accept vouchers are any better than “failing” ones.

Though public schools can be labeled as underperforming by their state report card grades, Ohio law doesn’t calculate graduation rates or issue report cards for any of the private schools receiving about $400 million in tax-funded tuition aid.

Ohio school report cards: Broken system, or easy scapegoat?

via Dayton Daily News |

Former state school board President Tom Gunlock said last week that the report card is fair, and adults in the education system should spend more time helping kids meet the targets and less time worrying how the report card makes them look.

Parents want letter grades on state report cards for Ohio schools, poll finds

via The Columbus Dispatch |

A new poll finds that 70% of parents prefer A-F grades or numerical scores over other state measures of a district and individual school performance. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the survey was commissioned by Ohio Excels and used an online polling of 655 parents with primary and secondary school students. The survey comes as state lawmakers consider changes to the report cards, a key component to Ohio’s K-12 accountability system.

Fix For Voucher Program Likely Coming Soon

via Statehouse News Bureau

“Our failure in this state is our grade cards and our testing system. We need to make certain we get those things corrected,” Householder said.

via Statehouse News Bureau – December 16th, 2019

Householder said a short term fix on the EdChoice voucher program is likely coming before the application process opens on February 1.

Future of A-F grading system in Ohio

via Parkersburg News and Sentinel |

A state committee examining the Department of Education report card system held its final meeting Wednesday and is drafting a report for the Governor and the Legislature by December 15th.

Ohio State Report Card Study Committee:

  • Senators: Sen. Teresa Fodor, D-Toledo, Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering and Louis W. Blessing III, R-Colerain Twp.
  • Representatives: Rep. Don Jones R-Freeport, Rep. Lisa Sobecki, D-Toledo and Rep. Tracy Richardson R-Marysville.
  • Superintendents: Cameron Ryba, Strongsville City Schools; Marion Styles, Marion City Schools; Stephanie Starcher, Fort Frye Local Schools.
  • Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria.

Change to third-grade reading tests debated again at Columbus school board meeting

via The Columbus Dispatch

A directive by Superintendent Talisa Dixon to raise the minimum reading score third graders must achieve at the beginning of the school year from 181 to 212 on an assessment was the focus of nearly two hours of debate at Tuesday’s Columbus Board of Education meeting. Critics say the move is designed to ‘game the system’ by avoiding demotions on state report cards.

Full article available from The Columbus Dispatch.

See how closely Ohio school report card grades trend with district income

via Cleveland Dispatch

The latest set of Ohio school report cards not only provided a scorecard for each district statewide – they once again drove home the point that wealthier districts do better on such reports.

To get an idea of how closely report card grades from the Ohio Department of Education follow demographic factors, compared those grades to U.S. Census Bureau community data for household income, child poverty and the education level of the adults.

full article available from Cleveland Plain Dealer

Most low-performing Ohio school districts are improving

via The Center Square

Of the 14 school districts that received a failing grade, all but two of them rose up to a “D” performance. Two school districts that had not failed in the previous year dropped down to failing, but the overall number of failing districts decreased from 14 to four.

Slightly more than 56 percent of school districts improved in their performance based on their overall index score. Almost 80 percent of the school districts received a “C” or higher, but only 30 percent received a “B” or higher. The average performance index for schools, which is scored on a scale of one to 100, increased slightly from 84.2 last year to 84.7 this year.

full article available from The Center Square