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Trump’s ‘1776 Commission’ report excuses slavery, condemns legacy of civil rights movement

Matthew Brown, USA TODAY |

On the evening of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the White House released the final report from its “1776 Commission” – a document that excuses America’s history of slavery, derides the legacy of the civil rights movement and equates progressivism with totalitarianism. 

The report compiles disparate references and quotations throughout American history to argue that the country must return to “patriotic education” in schools and for American families to “raise up morally responsible citizens who love America.”

Last week was tough, teachers say. But it wasn’t the first difficult ‘day after’ they’ve faced

Emma Kate Fittes, The Hechinger Report |

Teachers reflect on five events — from 9/11 to the Capitol attack — and the ensuing classroom conversations that have shaped their careers.

Combating real and perceived bias in the media

Matter of Fact |

Every journalist faces the same challenge. How do we bring our backgrounds and perspectives to the stories we tell while also remaining fair in our coverage of the events?

As part of The Matter of Fact Listening Tour, Soledad O’Brien speaks with three prominent journalists on bias in the media:

Maria Hinajosa, anchor and executive producer of Latino USA; Luis Rios, director of photography for the San Antonio Express News; and Matter of Fact Special Contributor Joie Chen.
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