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Student Organizations File Amicus Brief in Critical Supreme Court Student Free Speech Case

Student Voice |

Student Voice, Kentucky Student Voice Team (KSVT), Houston Independent School District Student Congress (HISD StuCon) and March For Our Lives, four grassroots student-led organizations working to elevate student voice at the national, state and local levels, have filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court of the United States in Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. to


Student Voice |

“Student Voice unequivocally condemns the rising hate, violence, and racism against the Asian-American community. We are sending solidarity and support to our Asian-American team members, program participants, and the broader community. Our thoughts are also with Asian-American students right now, and we hope that their schools will thoughtfully address anti-Asian racism through classroom conversation, curriculum, and overall school culture, in ways that are constructive, not retraumatizing for Asian-American students.

HS Senior’s Research on COVID in High-Needs Areas Adopted by Congressional Coronavirus Task Force

Tim Newcomb, The 74 |

When high school senior Vivian Yee started researching the health disparities in underprivileged communities during the pandemic, she hoped to eventually help minimize inequities among the socially vulnerable. She didn’t have to wait long — her new, comprehensive approach to studying the impact of infectious diseases is being used by the congressional Coronavirus Task Force to guide both relief legislation and changes for future efforts.

I’m a high school sophomore. Here’s how schools can teach kids to solve real-world problems

Luke Harris, Fast Company |

“As we move into an increasingly robotic and digital age, solving complicated human problems becomes more important than ever. Schools need to teach more of the process of entrepreneurship and engineering, including development and research to truly understand user needs. If we want the entrepreneurs of the future to succeed, it’s important that our engineering curriculums teach them the necessary skills.

CPS: Silverton Fourth Grader Becomes Published Author

Silverton Elementary School fourth grader Rhema Postell recently became a published author. Her book “Kayla’s Eyes” is now available for purchase on

Rhema wrote her book as part of the Junior Authors program, an intense eight-week, after-school program that seeks to support aspiring young writers in achieving their goals. Three other students were published as well, including a student from Clark Montessori High School.

Dear Adult Leaders: Don’t Just Try to Copy-and-Paste In-Person Instruction to Online Learning

Margarida Celestino, The 74 Million |

To promote meaningful learning during COVID-19, teachers should not try to replicate in-person instruction online. In my experience, the way to promote meaningful learning is to adapt instruction in a way that recognizes the unique circumstances that we’re in.

Margarida Celestino

Margarida Celestino is a student at Casco Bay High School – Portland, Maine.

From working the polls to national news coverage – my experience this election

Vandita Rastogi, Indian Hill EVSD |

2020: If anything, this year has taught us to go with the flow, learn something new, and not be afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Most importantly though, it has taught us to help those who need it most in critical times. As the pandemic rages on, it has become imperative for young people to take the lead in positions that they previously may never have. 

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