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Posts tagged as “tech”

‘Roblox’ isn’t just a gaming company. It’s also the future of education

Roblox hosts more students every month than all school-going children in the U.S., U.K., and Canada combined. 

Hamza Mudassir, Fast Company |

Roblox, which recently made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, has quickly become one of the most valuable video game companies in the world.  As I write this article, Roblox has effortlessly overtaken household video game names such as Take-Two (maker of Grand Theft Auto) and Electronic Arts (EA) (maker of Battlefield and FIFA) in terms of market cap, while only making a fraction of the incumbents’ revenues and none of their profits.

Coded Bias

Shalini Kantayya, Independent Lens (PBS)

In an increasingly data-driven, automated world, the question of how to protect individuals’ civil liberties in the face of artificial intelligence looms larger by the day.

Coded Bias follows M.I.T. Media Lab computer scientist Joy Buolamwini, along with data scientists, mathematicians, and watchdog groups from all over the world, as they fight to expose the discrimination within algorithms now prevalent across all spheres of daily life. 

How Uruguay implemented its computer science education program

Brian Fowler, Emiliana Vegas – Brookings |

Since 2007, Plan Ceibal—a national education initiative launched by Uruguay President Vazquez—has been distributing digital devices to students and providing schools with internet access, introducing a variety of tools and resources to improve education in Uruguay. Beginning in 2010, Plan Ceibal set up in-school and after-school activities, in coordination with the ANEP[1] (National Administration of Public Education), for students to learn computational thinking, robotics, and coding skills.

Jumbled-up sentences show that AIs still don’t really understand language

Will Douglas Heaven, MIT Technology Review |

Many AIs that appear to understand language and that score better than humans on a common set of comprehension tasks don’t notice when the words in a sentence are jumbled up, which shows that they don’t really understand language at all. The problem lies in the way natural-language processing (NLP) systems are trained; it also points to a way to make them better.

Husted Announces Broadband Connectivity Pilot Project at Rural School District, Expanding Broadband to Several Ohio Communities in NW Ohio

InnovateOhio |

Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Director of InnovateOhio, today visited Riverside Local School District in Logan County to announce the launch of several innovative projects at the school that are funded through Ohio’s K-12 Broadband Connectivity Grant and that will help provide affordable high-speed internet access to a student population that is largely underserved by broadband.

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