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Posts tagged as “transportation”

Three Rivers Transportation Dept Welcomes New Leadership

Three Rivers Local Schools |

After a comprehensive process, Justin Hagen-Stein and Kim Omeara were recommended to the Three Rivers Board of Education as CO-Directors. 

Tom Olson, Director of Operations/Hamilton County ESC, who led the interview stated, “We believe Kim and Justin will bring the right blend of experience in transportation and management to keep Three Rivers performing at a high level now and into the future.”

Schools in southwest Ohio kept out Covid. But they couldn’t keep the buses running.

Alex Hazlett, NBC News |

Like many public school districts around the country, Centerville City Schools near Dayton started the year off remotely for the 8,000 kids it serves. Based on recommendations from local public health officials, the district didn’t resume in-person classes until mid-October.

It didn’t last. By late October, Superintendent Tom Henderson said the district was scrambling every day to find teachers for 90 to 115 classrooms, competing with other districts for substitutes.

State says Dayton Public Schools bus driver ‘sickout’ Friday, Monday constitutes unauthorized strike


After 82 bus drivers called off work Friday, leaving students stranded at bus stops with no contingency plan in place, Dayton Public Schools argued those drivers violated the bus drivers’ contract with the district by staging an unauthorized strike, public records show.

The state employment relations board ruled in the favor of the school district Monday afternoon after over an hour of testimony.

Local bus driver uses extra time from shorter route due to COVID-19 to read to kids before school


Due to COVID-19 making her bus route shorter with fewer kids attending in-person classes, Karen Borgemenke is taking the few extra minutes to read to her riders before they start their day.

“With less students, my route is shorter, so rather than impact the parents’ schedules and adjust route times, I thought it would be nice to keep the same route times, get to school a few minutes early, and read to the kids with that extra time,” Borgemenke said.

Dayton-area school districts experiencing bus driver shortage complicated by COVID pandemic

Dayton Daily News |

Todd Silverthorn, the transportation supervisor at Kettering City Schools and vice president of the Ohio Association of Pupil Transportation, said the bus driver shortage has been an issue for his district for about three years and it is continuously getting worse.

About 40% of respondents to that National Association for Pupil Transportation survey said they’re experiencing a moderate bus driver shortage, which is a shortage of about 6% or 10%.

Fairborn busing issue disagreement resolved ahead of state meeting


Fairborn had asked the state on Tuesday to determine whether Monday’s absences constituted an unauthorized strike when 22 bus drivers called off work early that morning.

The matter prompted an emergency meeting with the State Employment Relations Board, but before the matter could be discussed, the union –Dayton Public Service Union Local 101 — and the district came to an agreement Thursday morning.

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